Joran Koster
delfsestraat 29b, rotterdam

work: Verhalenhuis Belvedère, Willem de Kooning Academy,
residencies: Townhouse Gallery (Cairo, Egypt), Sanskriti Foundation (New Delhi, India)
recent exhibitions: TENT (Rotterdam)


Converted Bicycles
A collection of India’s modified bicycles

The collection shows a unique insight of human creativity as a consequence of scarcity. In order to achieve their goals, Indians hack, improvise and modify their bicycles and us them as resources to support their livelihoods. 

The collection  offers a unique insight into human creativity motivated by scarcity.  To achieve their goals the Indians hack, improvise and modify their bicycles  in order to use them as a source of income.

This publication shows 65 different uses of the bicycle in India.

Crowdfunding publication:
Exhibition and presentation: 21 april 2019, Niffo Galerie