Converted Bicycles - 2013 - India

In India, the bicycle fulfils an essential role in supporting the livelihoods of many. They are converted into mobile kitchens, butcheries, bakeries and even temples to have an accessible way of earning income. While in India, i collected forty different uses of bicycles.




Cairo Contemporary Hack Map - Publication - 2015 - Egypt


Cairo’s inhabitants are hacking their houses, motorcycles, trash etc etc. The Cairo Contemporay Hack Map is an attempt to document and name Egypt’s culture of hacking. Part of the presentation is an artist walk in the area of Champillion Road to explore local hacks. The map is available for free at Townhouse Gallery, Cairo. Or you can download it here. (Supported by the Mondrian Fund)


Iran's Fake Fastfood Restaurants - Collection - 2017 - Iran

I ate at ten different fake fastfood restaurants while traveling through Iran in 2017. More coming soon



Dog Owners - Collection - 2013 - India


Other Photography - 2013 - 2017


Horse, Marrakesh, Marocco 2017

A boy is swinging a metal chain against his back during Muharram in Yazd, Iran